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The General Defense Committee (GDC) is organizing to unite the working class against attacks from the police, bigots, bosses, and landlords.

Those who attack us use racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination to keep us divided. When we’re apart, they can more easily defeat us one by one. If we all come together, we will be better able to defend ourselves and each other. This is called “community self-defense.”

Through community self-defense, we have the power to fight police brutality, gentrification, and other problems in our neighborhoods—right here, right now, without politicians, lawyers, or anyone else.

Memorial services for the Everett victims at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, May 1, 1917

How do I join the GDC?

Contact the NYC GDC via email ([email protected]), Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Our PGP public key for encrypted e-mail; fingerprint: 6ADC 64B3 5FD9 B959 A351 AC1C A5C1 1FC7 D9EF EE03

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