Statement of Solidarity with Sex Workers for December 17th

In recognition of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, the NYC General Membership Branch of the IWW would like to express solidarity with all people who sell or trade sexual services and to denounce the persistent stigma they face. Sex workers have historically dealt with violence from individuals, employers, and the state. This violence is not only literal and physical, but also economic: sex workers’ quality of life is routinely threatened by policies limiting their access to secure housing, stigma-free medical care, and other critical resources. We also recognize that for BIPOC, trans, and migrant workers, as well as those engaging in survival work, the violence stemming from stigma and criminalization is especially pernicious.

In response, we seek to affirm that sex work is work, and those practicing it deserve our support. The IWW recognizes sex workers across all corners of the industry as members of the working class, and welcomes them into the One Big Union. We offer them our solidarity on this day, and every day. To demonstrate our support, we have compiled a list of resources available to sex workers in the NYC/North Jersey area, which can be accessed via this link: IU690 Resources.

In Solidarity,

This statement was drafted by the IU 690 Committee of the NYC GMB. All members of the committee are sex workers themselves, and are available to answer questions about the union and its approach to sex worker organizing. To contact the committee, please send inquiries to [email protected].

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